1. Dr. Roger Kounga , President and CEO

Dr. Roger Kounga, is the CEO of Safari Holding Solutions a Philadelphia based Consulting and Trade Company and Executive president of the Africa and Caribbean Business council (ACBC). Dr

Dr. Roger Kounga. Kounga success is based on trusted relationship i have access with keys opinions leaders, such as Ambassadors, ministers and head of states. Roger has teaming with ACBC to successfully prepare Trade mission in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Cameroon, Gabon. Africa is a country full of cultural nuances and operates under a different system. Being son of Africa, I have been able to possess such knowledge and expertise to navigate my client through the system and achieve success. Language skills is another tools that attract my client goals, I speak French, English, Italian, understand Spanish, and so many dialect and accents in various regions, of sub-Sarah Africa.
I have started to lead Pennsylvania Company in one to one based in Africa to negotiate procurement, equipment construction, social housing projects, and Pharmaceutical packaging. Over the past 10 years, as contractor for VICA Technology, Dr. Kounga has managed several projects of a waste-to-energy plant and waste management in Mali, which include feasibility studies, waste characterization and environmental impact assessment. Negotiate concession and power purchase agreements including municipal contracts. Teaming with VICA as Partner in Energy Audits for
 LED/Solar street lighting which also involved Solar off grid lighting for homes and villages. Compiling past and current utility invoices and construct a comprehensive database of key utility and then submit management reports with our findings and recommendations, implement refund and savings strategies, and monitoring of future invoices for new cost saving opportunities and compliance.

Dr Roger owns a Doctor degree in pharmacy from the University of Siena, Italy with a thesis on “Malaria control: Third World Development Goal”, using a combination of Malaria rapid diagnostic tests assist in the diagnosis of malaria by detecting evidence of malaria parasites in human blood and a cocktail of drugs. I also owe an MBA in pharmaceutical Business from the University of Sciences in Philadelphia. Over 15 years of experience as pharmacist. I believe more in Pharmacy Galen: It is, therefore, of medicines "tailored" for an individual patient. Growing up with my Grandfather a traditional practitioner I have carry over years that mentality to create a bond between the Pharmacist and the patient, believing that the holistic and the compassion are more than the medicine. I have dispensed medications to patients; counseled patients on drug use, and evaluated the effects of the medications on patients.

  1. Mr.Kayode Malomo, First Vice President ACBC

Kayode MalomaKayode Malomo possesses over 14 years’ experience in Project Management, Finance and Business Development in the Healthcare, IT and Financial industries. Malomo is also co-founder of Malomsy Art Gallery www.malomsyart.com , an online art gallery specializing in authentic African Art.

Prior, he co-founded Atlas Communications PCS Inc., a Telecoms company providing data services based in Freetown, Sierra-Leone. He also serves as the Chairman of Business Services for the Mayor of Philadelphia’s Commission on African & Caribbean Affairs providing financial and technical assistance to local businesses across Greater Philadelphia. As Project Manager for VisionIT, an IT managed services company specializing in mobile, IoT, enterprise systems integration and IT security services, Malomo has overseen various projects for AT&T, the nation’s largest Telecom’s carrier.

Prior, Kayode served as VP of Marketing & Sales for Philadelphia based CPA firm where he provided high-tech and business support functions in finance, marketing and accounting to businesses, nonprofits and quasi-government agencies with revenues of $1M to $500M.

Malomo holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Temple University’s Fox School of Business, Philadelphia, USA and also completed his executive education in leadership and healthcare at the Harvard Medical School. His passion lies in inspiring businesses to start, confidently grow and succeed and he has taught Entrepreneurship at the Daniel Leadership Institute, MD. In addition to directing projects and assisting When In Need Foundation expand its global strategy, he is a member of the Clinton Foundation 20/30, a global group of leaders in business, government, and civil society. In 2009, Kayode was 2nd Place winner of the Wharton Africa Business Plan competition and a recipient of the 2010 Entrepreneurship Award from the African & Caribbean Business Council. A member of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Malomo has also received a citation for his work on Entrepreneurship and economic development from the City of Philadelphia. Kayode has completed over 150 paintings and enjoys traveling and helping youths develop their creative abilities.

Favorite Quote – “Plant seeds of success in others lives and watch the harvest grow in yours”

 Mr. Hamidou Traore

Vice President, Programs


  1. Mr.Zakes Jwilli. (215-571-9226)

Secretary General

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5- Mr. Abdoulaye Coumbassa (215-805-4779)

Vice Secretary

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6- Ms. Grace Nnadiugwu (484-802-4606)



7- Ms. Berikisu Osman, ( 267-521-7664)

Financial Secretary

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8- Stephan Reeves (610-476-3524)

Stephan ReevesChairman, Economic Empowerment Committee

Stephan Ricardo Reeves is a Jamaican-born entrepreneur with over 14 years experience in diversity, technology consulting and business development. His journey led him from Jamaica in 1987 where he attended New Canaan Country School followed by Westminster School and ultimately Lehigh University where he achieved a BA/BS in International Careers with minors in Asian Studies and Social Psychology in 1998.


Following Lehigh where Reeves was a recipient of the ACE Entrepreneurship award, he moved to Philadelphia, PA and started a successful sales and consulting career in the software and telecommunications industries. Reeves founded Montage Diversity Consultants, LLC in 2001 to engage organizations in diversity and inclusion strategic planning to increase competitive advantage. The venture led to a multi-year initiative with the School District of Philadelphia, which resulted in the creation of the district's minority/women business enterprise (M/WBE) compliance program. Throughout that experience, Reeves recognized the inequity that existed for some populations in education. Montage Education was born to address that inequity through online, personalized learning. Reeves' extensive technology background as well as his work with the k-12 education sector has led to exploration of adaptive and predictive technology solutions that address college and career readiness, the digital divide and the school house to jail house pipeline.

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